Free Air Delivery: 
cfm 315(8.92 m3/min)
PSI 125(8.6 bar)

The Doosan Portable Power Compressor Model XP 315 is compactly designed reliable and rugged solution for demanding applications like abrasive blasting at 125 psi . The compressor is powered by an Ashok Leyland ALUWO4CT 113 HP reliable engine & is designed for operating between 5 to 55 deg C ambient with a cool box and fitted with pre cleaners and higher capacity air filters to operate in high dust environment. Maintenance free batteries ensures better starting, good ground clearances ensure that compressor can be towed in rugged terrains, copiously sized fuel tank for single shift operation, easy access to service points are all hallmarks of this compressor, make it an ideal solution for above applications

XP315 Compressor

Compressor Rotary Screw/Single-Stage

Free-Air Delivery – cfm (m3/min)315(8.92)
Operating Pressure - PSI (bar)125(8.6)
Pressure Range - PSI (bar)55-140 (3.8-9.65)
Outlet Size - Inch3nos 3/4"valve & 1no 1.5 "valve