Small Air Compressors

The small range of portable compressors covering 250 – 415 cfm with 100psi to 150psi are Doosan’s solutions for quarrying, infrastructure, abrasive blasting applications. These compressors are known for their ruggedness, ability to operate in harsh conditions and ambient up to 52 deg C. Inbuilt pre cleaners, cool box design, good ground clearances and tow ability , suitably sized ball valves to ensure steady air flow at application point in tough terrains make these compressors an ideal choice to customers.

Doosan Portable Power Small Air Compressors Comparison

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cfm 250 (m3/min)
PSI 100 (6.9 bar)
315 cfm (8.92 m³/min)
100 PSI (6.9 bar)
315 cfm (8.92 m³/min)
PSI 360 (10.19 bar)
cfm 415 (11.75) (m3/min)
PSI 100 (6.9 bar)
cfm 315(8.92 m3/min)
PSI 125(8.6 bar)
cfm 415 (11.75 m3/min)
PSI 150(10.3 bar)