Large Air Compressors

The large range of portable compressors covering 700cfm to 1400cfm in flow with 250 psi to 365psi working pressures are been offered by Doosan from more than 2 decades, has been serving the large water well drilling industry. Known for their reliability and unique Automatic Temperature Control ( ATC) these compressors are known for their drilling performance with fuel economy and compact design for plug and play mounting, Continuous product improvement and providing cutting edge solutions to this industry segment, Doosan also offers certain models with electronic engines and also dual pressure regulation. These compressors can also be deployed for deep piling work in infrastructure segment.

Doosan Large Air Compressors

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cfm 750 (21.24 m³/min)
psig 250 (17.24 bar)
cfm 1150 (32.56 m³/min)
psig 300 (20.68 bar)
cfm 1200 (33.98 m³/min)
psig 320 (22.1 bar)
cfm 1200 (33.98 m³/min)
psig 330 (22.75 bar)
cfm 1400 (39.64 m³/min)
psig 365 (25.17 bar)
cfm 1350 (38.23 m³/min)
psig 365 (25.17 bar)